Visio Technologies provide hardware and software consulting services for a wide array of markets including defence, mining and commercial sectors. Experience in hardware and software system engineering ensures quality client deliverables with a professional touch.

We provide consulting services throughout product development – from concept to final product. Visio Technologies will develop specifications from customer requirements, provide advice on design and manufacturing and can ensure a swift product to market turn-around time.

At Visio Technologies we are always conscious on project milestones and are dedicated to provide the optimal technical and most cost effective solution – This ensures the reaching of milestones inside budget.

Our Services

Our specialised services are listed below in more detail.

Feasibility and trade-off studies

Proof of concept design and demonstration

Hardware and software design

System design with integration support

Benchmarking, simulation and testing of hardware and software

Compiling of technical reports and documentation

Engineering and project management

Training and mentoring