Visio Technologies provide focussed support for two leading hardware brands namely Interface Concept and Elma. Due to the technical nature of the product offerings it is vital to receive the correct expert technical product support provided by us.

About Interface Concept:

Founded in 1987, Interface Concept designs, develops and manufactures high performance boards and systems for civil and military applications. Interface Concept is based in France.

The company’s major business areas are Defence and Aeronautic embedded applications. Interface Concept also develops and markets systems in many other fields as High Energy Physics, Smart Grid Power Transmission, Transportation and Industry.

Interface Concept provide products unrivalled in performance and reliability in the most demanding static, mobile, shipboard and airborne environments.

Interface Concept has built a global network of partners that integrate its products all over the world.


Interface Concept product portfolio includes:
Ethernet Switches and IP Routers boards, Single Board Computers, Digital Signal Processing boards, Graphics cards and storage. 3U, 6U and standalone applications are supported with VPX, VME, XMC and cPCI interfaces.

About Elma:

Elma Electronic is a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products for the embedded systems market -- from components, storage boards, backplanes and chassis platforms to fully integrated subsystems.

Elma is listed on SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange), with subsidiaries in 9 countries on 3 continents. To ensure our integrated solutions are optimized to our customer’s needs, Elma partners with leading board manufactures in the industry. Elma also provides enclosure solutions to electronics companies, from cases to vertical cabinets, as well as precision components such as rotary switches/encoders, front panels, and LEDs.

The company has a broad base of proven standard products that can be tailored to individual applications, from initial concept to volume production. Elma’s reliable solutions, flexibility, and design expertise are key reasons why the leading electronics companies in the world choose Elma time and again.


Elma product portfolio includes:
Systems&Boards, Backplanes and Enclosures.

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